Bard Music Player Midi Repository

Here is a list of Midi files compatible with Bard Music Player that kind performers have made and chosen to release! These were originally shared on #bmp-midi-releases on the discord server.

time fave name author

Undertale - Spear of JusticeYukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - MegalovaniaYukiko NiijimaSource:
Deltarune - Rude BusterYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 3 Portable - Soul PhraseYukiko NiijimaSource:
Zelda - Ballad of the Wind FishYukiko NiijimaSource: This version features the parts of the Full Moon Cello, the Conch Horn, the Lily's Bell, and the Surf Harp.
Persona 4 - Your AffectionYukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - Death By GlamourYukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - Spider DanceYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - Pursuing My True SelfYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - Signs of LoveYukiko NiijimaSource:
FFIV Boss ThemeYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - Heartbeat, HeartbreakYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 3 - The Battle for Everyone's SoulsYukiko NiijimaSource:
Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of CinderYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 3 - When the Moon Reaches for the StarsYukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - Battle Against A True HeroYukiko NiijimaSource:
FFVIII - Balamb GardenYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - HeavenYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 Golden - Shadow WorldYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 3 FES - Heartful CryYukiko NiijimaSource: My absolute favorite track from P3FES: The Answer. Used in a very special series of battles.
Touhou - U.N. Owen Was Her?Yukiko NiijimaSource:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Fighting GoldYukiko NiijimaSource:
Myuu - Identity CrisisYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - JunesYukiko NiijimaSource:
Deltarune - The World RevolvingYukiko NiijimaSource: Jevil's theme, rebuilt from the ground up in an effort to capture the energy of the song within the relatively limited capability of the perform function. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it!
Undertale - BonetrousleYukiko NiijimaSource:
Scale testNare KatolSource: Original compositionComment: The octaves BMP uses to play in-game.
Introduction - Banjo KazooieMevari NavaloComment: Solo version, wind instrument recommended
Sweden - MinecraftMevari NavaloComment: Solo, harp or lute recommended
Pokemon Center - PokemonMevari NavaloComment: Solo
Accumula Town - Pokemon Black and WhiteMevari NavaloComment: he walk
Somewhere over the rainbowKonata Izumi'
Magic School bus themeKonata Izumi'
Backstreet Boys - I want it that wayKonata Izumi'
Sweet but PsychoKonata Izumi'
Deku PalaceKonata Izumi'Comment: this is NOT my midi, posted from Midi Requests 😃 @[Zalera] Mevari Navalo
SimpsonsKonata Izumi'
Assassin Creed Black Flag theme songKonata Izumi'
Super Mario World's Main theme (Menu screen)Konata Izumi'
wind Waker themeKonata Izumi'
Rains of Castamere - Wind instruments versionKonata Izumi'Comment: @[Gilgamesh] Visenya Nox
Vitas 7th Element chorusKonata Izumi'Comment:
Zelda Ocarina of time - Hyrule townKonata Izumi'
Cotton Eye JoeKonata Izumi'
Metallica OneKonata Izumi'Comment: Previously uploaded by Dueno Starfire, I re-edited the entire song, so it flows more smoothly, and re-edited octaves so its more Compatible for performance.
My little pony themeKonata Izumi'
Summer's day - Spirited AwayKonata Izumi'
Every time we touchKonata Izumi'
Zelda: Mini games song (Arrow shooting gallery)Konata Izumi'
Nyan cat theme by Alex SKonata Izumi'
toto - AfricaKonata Izumi'
Spice and wolf themeKonata Izumi'
KOTHKonata Izumi'
Stranger Things (Theme)Konata Izumi'
Bear Necessities - Jungle BookKonata Izumi'
Superman themeKonata Izumi'
Lion King - In the jungleKonata Izumi'
Midsummer Madness - 88 Rising (Fuck the ruuuu-uuuu--uuuules"Konata Izumi'
President theme (USA)Konata Izumi'
LOZ OOT - Gerudo ValleyKonata Izumi'
Eminem - Mocking BirdKonata Izumi'
Bowling for soup - 1985Konata Izumi'
C-A-M-P=F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G SONG!! - spongebobKonata Izumi'
Candy mountain theme (Charlie the unicorn)Konata Izumi'
OOT ZELDA - Hyrule Field (Full arrangement)Konata Izumi'
God bless the usa (4th of july theme USA)Konata Izumi'
Gundam Wing - Rhythm EmotionKonata Izumi'
Phil Collins - In the air tonightKonata Izumi'
Reading rainbowKonata Izumi'
Robin Hood (Animated) Chicken whistleKonata Izumi'Comment:
TMNT themeKonata Izumi'
The Sims 4 ThemeKonata Izumi'
Pokemon - Wild EncounterKonata Izumi'
Crab RaveKonata Izumi'Source:
FF15 main title theme - Noctis ThemeKonata Izumi'
Yoshi story main titleKonata Izumi'
Kim Possible themeKonata Izumi'
Nickelback - how you remind meKonata Izumi'
Ikona Pop - I DONT CARE ---- I LOVE IT!!!!Konata Izumi'
Clannad - Dango DaikazokuKonata Izumi'
Fairy fountain themeKonata Izumi'
Its a small world theme from disneylandKonata Izumi'
Old town road - Lil Nas X Ft Billy CyrusKonata Izumi'
Thats the way it is - Arthur Morgan's sunsetKonata Izumi'
Theme from Curb your EnthusiasmKonata Izumi'
Mulan - Ill make a man out of you themeKonata Izumi'
The great white northKonata Izumi'
Wiz Khalifa (Fast and the furious) See you againKonata Izumi'
Katy Perry - Hot N ColdKonata Izumi'Comment: YOU HOT N COLD BABY YES AND UR NO!!
Deathnote - L's themeKonata Izumi'
A thousand miles - vanessaKonata Izumi'
Virtual Riot (DNB) Minecraft themeKonata Izumi'
Rick n morty themeKonata Izumi'
Katy perry - I kissed a girl (And i liked it)Konata Izumi'
1902 circus themeKonata Izumi'
GOT themeKonata Izumi'
Crash bandicoot main menu themeKonata Izumi'
Super Bowl - SpongebobKonata Izumi'
FF11 Kingdom of San D'oriaKonata Izumi'Comment: Credits to---> @Rantz
Theme of love from FFIVKonata Izumi'
Wrecking ball - Miley CirusKonata Izumi'
Pantera - Cowboys from hellKonata Izumi'
Zelda's Lulaby - MAIN THEMEKonata Izumi'
Cheerleader - omniKonata Izumi'
Valse Di FantasticaKonata Izumi'
Happier - BastilleKonata Izumi'
Spiderman out of the miniverse (Sunflower - postmalone + swae leKonata Izumi'
1700's - 1800's saloon musicKonata Izumi'
Moana How far ill goKonata Izumi'
Timmy trumpet - freaksKonata Izumi'Comment: Have someone play Cymbal, spam F5 Key its funny (Octave 0 F for non-piano players)
Ice cream truck songKonata Izumi'
1000 cherry trees - Senbonzakura + Hatsune MikuKonata Izumi'
Titania's theme (FFXIV Extreme primal 5.0)Konata Izumi'
Taylor Swift - Shake it offKonata Izumi'
F IS FOR FRIENDS - SpongebobKonata Izumi'
Stacy's mom (Has got it going on) - Bowling for soupKonata Izumi'
Friends themeKonata Izumi'
Anime - Evangelion themeKonata Izumi'
FFVI - Terras ThemeKonata Izumi'
Wii MenuKonata Izumi'
You're welcome - Maui song - MoanaKonata Izumi'
Mr. Sandman - Cordettes (1950's vinyl)Konata Izumi'
Spongebob Goofy Goober songKonata Izumi'
LET THE REVELS BEGIN - Susano themeKonata Izumi'
Jurrasic world themeKonata Izumi'
Yakety saxKonata Izumi'
Pokemon Anime Theme - Gotta Catch 'em allKonata Izumi'
Bach - No1 Cello SuiteKonata Izumi'
IlluminatiKonata Izumi'
Kansas - Carry on my wayward sonKonata Izumi'Source: Band, Supernatural Theme for Dean Winchester
Friends - MarshmellowKonata Izumi'
Looney tunesKonata Izumi'
My chemical Romance - Welcome to the black paradeKonata Izumi'
Somebody i used to knowKonata Izumi'
Song of healing from majora's mask (Both harp/flute versions)Konata Izumi'
OOT - Kakariko VillageKonata Izumi'
Lost Woods theme (Flute rendition) - ZeldaKonata Izumi'
Naruto Battle - ThemeKonata Izumi'
UP theme - married lifeKonata Izumi'
Californication - RHCPKonata Izumi'
Jeopardy themeKonata Izumi'
Modest Mouse - Float OnKonata Izumi'
Skyrim - The Age of Aggression \\ Oppression - Stormcloak bard sKonata Izumi'
System of a Down - ToxicityKonata Izumi'
Mozart sonataKonata Izumi'
Aqua - Barbie Girl (Full song)Konata Izumi'
Sailor moon openingKonata Izumi'
GB title screenKonata Izumi'
hitooshii hito no tame ni (: Fushigi yuugi )Konata Izumi'Comment: Requested by @skyeXVIII
Lamb chops - This is the song that never endsKonata Izumi'
Call me maybeKonata Izumi'
Renegade - StyxKonata Izumi'
Wannabe - spice girlsKonata Izumi'
Intro *Chorus" to "Lonely" by AkonKonata Izumi'
Frozen - Snowman song - AnnaKonata Izumi'
Spongebob Jellyfish JamKonata Izumi'
NF - Let you downKonata Izumi'
Lady Gaga - Poker faceKonata Izumi'
Amazing hourseKonata Izumi'Source: Scripted by hand, enjoy!
Pony - Genuine (Theme from Magic Mike)Konata Izumi'
Mr. Rogers - Wont you be my neighborKonata Izumi'
Red/blue/yellow Pallet Town PokemonKonata Izumi'
Leave a light on - Tom WalkerKonata Izumi'
Ravana trialKonata Izumi'
Scatman - Ski ba bop dop bop!!!Konata Izumi'
NCISKonata Izumi'
Smoke on the waterKonata Izumi'
Still Dre - Dr. Dre FT EminemKonata Izumi'
Numa NumaKonata Izumi'
Katy perry - Dark horseKonata Izumi'
Rockefeller streetKonata Izumi'Source:
Coldplay - Viva La VidaKonata Izumi'
Scooby DooKonata Izumi'
Universal Studio's Opening scene theme (Fanfare)Konata Izumi'
Doom - E1M1Konata Izumi'
Ed Sheeran - Shape of youKonata Izumi'
Rocky theme :3Konata Izumi'
Mor Dhona FieldKonata Izumi'
Spin me right roundKonata Izumi'
Witch Doctor (Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang)Konata Izumi'
The rains of Castmere - (Piano/Harp version)Konata Izumi'Comment: @[Gilgamesh] Visenya Nox
Katy perry - RoarKonata Izumi'
Law&OrderKonata Izumi'
Pokemon Anime -- Jigglypuffs Song (zzzzzzzzzzzz)Konata Izumi'
Skyrim - Ancient StonesKonata Izumi'
Attack on titan themeKonata Izumi'
Answers full vocalsKonata Izumi'
FFVI - Kids CityKonata Izumi'
Bach - Heart and mouth and deed and lifeKonata Izumi'
Owl City - FirefliesKonata Izumi'Source: Popular Music track
Epic Sax guy songKonata Izumi'
21 pilots - HeathensKonata Izumi'Source: Suicide squad
Take me home country roadsKonata Izumi'Source: Fallout 76
The OfficeKonata Izumi'
Winnie the pooh themeKonata Izumi'
WHAT DOES THE FOX SAYKonata Izumi'Source: Popular Music
PokecenterKonata Izumi'
Solo - Clean bandit + Demi LovatoKonata Izumi'
Hyrule Castle - L2TPKonata Izumi'
Bruno Mars - Lazy songKonata Izumi'
Lady Gaga - Bad RomanceKonata Izumi'
Levan PolkaKonata Izumi'Source:
Adele - HelloKonata Izumi'
Sheik's harp and flute theme from OOTKonata Izumi'
Mario worldmap theme from SMB2Konata Izumi'
WHAT IS LOVE!!! - HaddawayKonata Izumi'Comment: BABY DONT HURT ME NO MORE
Canon D ROCK!Konata Izumi'
Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.GKonata Izumi'
Linkin Park - In the endKonata Izumi'Source: Popular Music
Indiana Jones themeKonata Izumi'
Skyrim - DragonbornKonata Izumi'
Doki Doki Literature clubKonata Izumi'
Credits theme for spongebobKonata Izumi'
Somebody told me (you had a girlfriend) - KillersKonata Izumi'
Imagine Dragons - NaturalKonata Izumi'
Pa PayaKonata Izumi'Comment: Hand scripted and loop-able
Australia fan fareKonata Izumi'
Coco Remember me (DUET)Konata Izumi'Comment: DUET, but you can solo either part and still will sound fine 😃
LOZ - Majoras mask Clock townKonata Izumi'
Mortal Kombat main themeKonata Izumi'
time of our livesKonata Izumi'Source: Popular 90's music
Monster by skilletKonata Izumi'Comment: I FEEL LIKE A MONSTER!
Firework - Katy PerryKonata Izumi'
Skrillex - Scary monsters and spritesKonata Izumi'
Iphone default ringtoneKonata Izumi'
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Traditional EnglishComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
Frozen Heart [Disney Frozen] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-LopezComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe 1, Oboe, 2, Clarinet, Lute 1, Lute 2, Harp)
Zelda's Lullaby [The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Koji Kondo and Mahito YokotaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Harp, Lute) Also thanks to @[Wanderer] CatgirlsGoneWild™ for calling out my out-of-mind-super-fail on the first arrangement of this!
The Fates [Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hitoshi SakimotoComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Panpipes, Harp)
To Zanarkand [Final Fantasy X] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2)
Saria's Song [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Koji KondoComment: Score: (Flute 1, Flute 2, Panpipes, Harp 1, Harp 2)
Futari no Kimochi [Inuyasha] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Kaoru WadaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Lute, Piano, Harp)
Amusement Park [NieR: Automata] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Keiichi OkabeComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Harp, Lute, Bass Drum, Timpani)
Born of the Boughs [Final Fantasy XIV] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Flute, Panpipes, Oboe, Clarinet, Fiddle 1, Fiddle 2, Piano, Harp)
Waltz for the Moon [Final Fantasy VIII] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Fiddle, Panpipes 1, Panpipes 2, Piano, Harp, Timpani)
Kidnap the Sandy Claws [Disney Nightmare Before Christmas] (OcteJedaiah SkySource: Danny ElfmanComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Panpipes, Oboe, Fiddle, Piano, Harp 1, Harp 2)
Four-Sided Circle [Final Fantasy XIV] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Harp)
Fear of the Heavens [Secret of Mana] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Jingle Bell Rock (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Joseph Carleton Beal and James Ross BootheComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
What's This? [Disney Nightmare Before Christmas] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Danny ElfmanComment: Score: (Fife, Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe, Clarinet, Panpipes, Fiddle, Piano, Harp)
A Bell is Tolling (Eight Ringing Bells) [Secret of Mana] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Flute 1, Flute 2, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Piano, Harp)
Phantom and a Rose [Secret of Mana] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Panpipes, Oboe, Clarinet, Harp, Lute)
Color of the Summer Sky [Secret of Mana] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Flute, Harp)
Frosty the Snowman (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Walter Rollins and Steve NelsonComment: Score: (Flute, Harp)
The Moon Shines for You (La lune brille pour toi) [Le Petit PoucJedaiah SkySource: Joe HisaishiComment: Score: (Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp)
Touch the Sky [Disney Pixar Brave] (Decet)Jedaiah SkySource: Patrick DoyleComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Lute 1, Lute 2, Lute 3, Lute 4, Lute 5, Harp)
Hedwig's Theme Variation [Harry Potter] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: John Williams (more information in video description)Comment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2, Piano 3)
Celes' Theme [Final Fantasy VI] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
A Whole New World [Disney Aladdin] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Alan MenkenComment: Score: (Panpipes, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Harp)
Lion's Pride [World of Warcraft] (Decet)Jedaiah SkySource: Jason HayesComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Panpipes, Piano, Lute, Harp, Bass Drum, Bongos, Timpani)
How Far I'll Go [Disney Moana] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Lin-Manuel MirandaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Ami [Final Fantasy VIII] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Harp, Lute)
Silent Night with Night of Silence (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Franz Xavier Gruber and Daniel KantorComment: Score: (Silent Night (any instrument), Night of Silence (any instrument) )
Days to Remember [Rurouni Kenshin] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Taro IwashiroComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Lute)
These New Spaces Are All Designed to Be Flexible [Sound Health iJedaiah SkySource: Ben FoldsComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Piano, Harp, Lute) Note: The video uses gain filters to adjust volumes. The Clarinet 2 and Piano parts might need to be do
What the Forest Taught Me [Secret of Mana] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Harp)
My Eyes [Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Jed WhedonComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Lute, Piano, Harp)
Waltz of Chihiro [Spirited Away] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Curry WuComment: Score: (Flute, Harp)
Happy Birthday (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Patty Hill and Mildred HillComment: Score: (Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Harp)
Under the Sea [Disney The Little Mermaid] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Alan MenkenComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Windmill Hut (Song of Storms) [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TJedaiah SkySource: Koji KondoComment: Score: (Fife, Flute 1, Flute 2, Panpipes)
Bugler's Holiday (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Leroy AndersonComment: Score: (Trumpet 1 (any instrument), Trumpet 2 (any instrument), Trumpet 3 (any instrument) )
Septette for the Dead Princess (Remilia Scarlet's Theme) [TouhouJedaiah SkySource: Jun'ya Ota (ZUN)Comment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp 1, Harp 2)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas [Pentatonix] (SextetJedaiah SkySource: Meredith WillsonComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Piano, Harp)
Greensleeves (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Traditional English FolkComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
Proud Corazon [Disney Pixar Coco] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Germaine FrancoComment: Score: (Flute, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp)
Yearnings of the Wind (600 A.D.) [Chrono Trigger] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Yasunari MitsudaComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet)
Peaceful Days [Chrono Trigger] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Yasunori MitsudaComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Piano, Harp)
Promise (Reprise) [Silent Hill] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Akira YamaokaComment: Score: (Flute, Piano, Harp)
Father Christmas [The Kinks] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Ray DaviesComment: Score: (Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Colors of the Wind [Disney Pocahontas] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Alan MenkenComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Clarinet, Fiddle, Piano, Harp 1, Harp 2)
A Million Dreams [The Greatest Showman] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Benj Pasek and Justin PaulComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Panpipes, Clarinet, Oboe, Lute, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp)
One Horse Open Sleigh (Jingle Bells) (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: James PierpontComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
The City that Never Sleeps [Final Fantasy IX] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2, Piano 3)
Almost There [Disney The Princess and the Frog] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Randy NewmanComment: Score: (Oboe, Flute, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp 1, Harp 2)
Pa Paya [Final Fantasy XIV] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Masayoshi SokenComment: Score: (Clarinet, Flute, Panpipes, Oboe, Fiddle 1, Fiddle 2, Lute, Piano, Harp)
Remember Me [Disney Pixar Coco] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-LopezComment: Score: (Panpipes, Harp)
My Favorite Things [The Sound of Music] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Richard RodgersComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Fiddle, Harp)
Melodies of Life [Final Fantasy IX] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Clarinet, Piano, Harp)
Bonds of Sea and Fire [Xenogears] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Yasunori MitsudaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Fiddle 1, Fiddle 2, Piano, Harp, Lute)
Sunset Waltz [Final Fantasy XV] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Yoko ShimomuraComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe)
The Moon [Duck Tales] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroshige TonomuraComment: Score: (Clarinet, Piano, Harp) (Thanks Nick! This request was a lot of fun!)
You're Not Alone [Final Fantasy IX] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Roaming the WastesGigabitseSource: I saw that @[mooserver] Scarletide Bench wanted more Xenoblade 2 tracks, so here ya go.
Naruto - Sadness and SorrowGigabitseSource: Here ya go @LunaKara @Yukii70 , and everyone else. Sounds best on flute IG.
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - Person Who ConceivesGigabitseSource: This is my first time attempting something like this, so I hope you all enjoy this.
Persona 5 - Hymn of the SoulGigabitseSource: Holy shit I love how this one came out and several others seemed to as well. Here ya go @Mon !
Gerudo ValleyCenaskya TokenfireSource:
O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa)Cenaskya TokenfireSource:
Golden SaucerCecellia AuroraComment: Can play in line with the golden saucer music in-game perfectly.
Aloha de ChocoboCecellia AuroraSource: My favourite chocobo tune from FF9. Now with added Aloha, Kupo!
Für Elise - Beethoven (Solo)Az DahakaSource: Piano
February Stars - Foo Fighters (Solo)Az DahakaSource: (Comment: Piano, Flute
Cancer - My Chemical Romance (Solo)Az DahakaSource: (notes)Comment: Piano, Flute
Octopath Traveler - My Quiet Forest HomeAegeah TioSource:
Mime's RequiemAegeah TioSource: @Aristid
Pokemon B/W - EmotionAegeah TioSource:
Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out BoyAegeah TioSource: Edited tempo
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Spirit Crucible ElpysAegeah TioSource: we always need more xenoblade
Pokemon D/P/PT - Eterna CityAegeah TioSource:
Pokemon B/W - N's FarewellAegeah TioSource:
YELLOW - Yoh KamiyamaAegeah TioSource: @Seculer
Octopath Traveler - Primrose, the DancerAegeah TioSource:
[Miku][Luka] magnet - minatoAegeah TioSource:
Octopath Traveler - DeterminationAegeah TioSource:
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - The Heritors of ArcadiAegeah TioSource:
Yiruma - Kiss The RainAegeah TioSource:
[Miku] Rolling Girl - wowakaAegeah TioSource:
Octopath Traveler - H'aanit, the HunterAegeah TioSource:
Pokemon D/P/PT - Pokemon League (Day)Aegeah TioSource:
Pokemon D/P/PT - Route 209 (Day)Aegeah TioSource:
Octopath Traveler - Alfyn, the ApothecaryAegeah TioSource:
Alone Together - Fall Out BoyAegeah TioSource:
Octopath Traveler - Cyrus, the ScholarAegeah TioSource: