Bard Music Player Midi Repository

Here is a list of Midi files compatible with Bard Music Player that kind performers have made and chosen to release! These were originally shared on #bmp-midi-releases on the discord server.

time fave name author

Scale testNare KatolSource: Original compositionComment: The octaves BMP uses to play in-game.
Amazing hourseKonata Izumi'Source: Scripted by hand, enjoy!
Levan PolkaKonata Izumi'Source:
Crab RaveKonata Izumi'Source:
Owl City - FirefliesKonata Izumi'Source: Popular Music track
Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.GKonata Izumi'
WHAT DOES THE FOX SAYKonata Izumi'Source: Popular Music
Kansas - Carry on my wayward sonKonata Izumi'Source: Band, Supernatural Theme for Dean Winchester
Linkin Park - In the endKonata Izumi'Source: Popular Music
Metallica OneKonata Izumi'Comment: Previously uploaded by Dueno Starfire, I re-edited the entire song, so it flows more smoothly, and re-edited octaves so its more Compatible for performance.
Monster by skilletKonata Izumi'Comment: I FEEL LIKE A MONSTER!
NF - Let you downKonata Izumi'
Numa NumaKonata Izumi'
Pantera - Cowboys from hellKonata Izumi'
Scatman - Ski ba bop dop bop!!!Konata Izumi'
System of a Down - ToxicityKonata Izumi'
Solo - Clean bandit + Demi LovatoKonata Izumi'
Somewhere over the rainbowKonata Izumi'
Take me home country roadsKonata Izumi'Source: Fallout 76
time of our livesKonata Izumi'Source: Popular 90's music
Cotton Eye JoeKonata Izumi'
A thousand miles - vanessaKonata Izumi'
Adele - HelloKonata Izumi'
toto - AfricaKonata Izumi'
Aqua - Barbie Girl (Full song)Konata Izumi'
Californication - RHCPKonata Izumi'
Call me maybeKonata Izumi'
Every time we touchKonata Izumi'
Bruno Mars - Lazy songKonata Izumi'
Bowling for soup - 1985Konata Izumi'
21 pilots - HeathensKonata Izumi'Source: Suicide squad
Backstreet Boys - I want it that wayKonata Izumi'
Firework - Katy PerryKonata Izumi'
Lady Gaga - Poker faceKonata Izumi'
Lady Gaga - Bad RomanceKonata Izumi'
Happier - BastilleKonata Izumi'
Friends - MarshmellowKonata Izumi'
Skrillex - Scary monsters and spritesKonata Izumi'
Somebody i used to knowKonata Izumi'
Wrecking ball - Miley CirusKonata Izumi'
Spin me right roundKonata Izumi'
Coco Remember me (DUET)Konata Izumi'Comment: DUET, but you can solo either part and still will sound fine 😃
Frozen - Snowman song - AnnaKonata Izumi'
Lion King - In the jungleKonata Izumi'
Its a small world theme from disneylandKonata Izumi'
UP theme - married lifeKonata Izumi'
Mulan - Ill make a man out of you themeKonata Izumi'
Bear Necessities - Jungle BookKonata Izumi'
Crash bandicoot main menu themeKonata Izumi'
Doom - E1M1Konata Izumi'
Theme of love from FFIVKonata Izumi'
Mor Dhona FieldKonata Izumi'
Ravana trialKonata Izumi'
Answers full vocalsKonata Izumi'
Pa PayaKonata Izumi'Comment: Hand scripted and loop-able
LET THE REVELS BEGIN - Susano themeKonata Izumi'
FF15 main title theme - Noctis ThemeKonata Izumi'
Valse Di FantasticaKonata Izumi'
Jurrasic world themeKonata Izumi'
Mario worldmap theme from SMB2Konata Izumi'
Yoshi story main titleKonata Izumi'
Virtual Riot (DNB) Minecraft themeKonata Izumi'
Mortal Kombat main themeKonata Izumi'
Thats the way it is - Arthur Morgan's sunsetKonata Izumi'
The Sims 4 ThemeKonata Izumi'
Skyrim - Ancient StonesKonata Izumi'
Skyrim - The Age of Aggression \\ Oppression - Stormcloak bard sKonata Izumi'
Skyrim - DragonbornKonata Izumi'
Super Mario World's Main theme (Menu screen)Konata Izumi'
Wii MenuKonata Izumi'
Zelda Ocarina of time - Hyrule townKonata Izumi'
Hyrule Castle - L2TPKonata Izumi'
OOT ZELDA - Hyrule Field (Full arrangement)Konata Izumi'
Zelda: Mini games song (Arrow shooting gallery)Konata Izumi'
Sheik's harp and flute theme from OOTKonata Izumi'
Song of healing from majora's mask (Both harp/flute versions)Konata Izumi'
wind Waker themeKonata Izumi'
Fairy fountain themeKonata Izumi'
LOZ OOT - Gerudo ValleyKonata Izumi'
OOT - Kakariko VillageKonata Izumi'
LOZ - Majoras mask Clock townKonata Izumi'
Zelda's Lulaby - MAIN THEMEKonata Izumi'
Pokemon Anime Theme - Gotta Catch 'em allKonata Izumi'
Red/blue/yellow Pallet Town PokemonKonata Izumi'
Pokemon Anime -- Jigglypuffs Song (zzzzzzzzzzzz)Konata Izumi'
PokecenterKonata Izumi'
GB title screenKonata Izumi'
Pokemon - Wild EncounterKonata Izumi'
Spongebob Goofy Goober songKonata Izumi'
F IS FOR FRIENDS - SpongebobKonata Izumi'
C-A-M-P=F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G SONG!! - spongebobKonata Izumi'
Super Bowl - SpongebobKonata Izumi'
God bless the usa (4th of july theme USA)Konata Izumi'
Australia fan fareKonata Izumi'
Candy mountain theme (Charlie the unicorn)Konata Izumi'
Epic Sax guy songKonata Izumi'
Ice cream truck songKonata Izumi'
Iphone default ringtoneKonata Izumi'
The great white northKonata Izumi'
Smoke on the waterKonata Izumi'
1700's - 1800's saloon musicKonata Izumi'
Assassin Creed Black Flag theme songKonata Izumi'
Witch Doctor (Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang)Konata Izumi'
Yakety saxKonata Izumi'
You're welcome - Maui song - MoanaKonata Izumi'
Moana How far ill goKonata Izumi'
Superman themeKonata Izumi'
Indiana Jones themeKonata Izumi'
Bach - No1 Cello SuiteKonata Izumi'
Canon D ROCK!Konata Izumi'
Bach - Heart and mouth and deed and lifeKonata Izumi'
1902 circus themeKonata Izumi'
Mozart sonataKonata Izumi'
Anime - Evangelion themeKonata Izumi'
Attack on titan themeKonata Izumi'
Clannad - Dango DaikazokuKonata Izumi'
Deathnote - L's themeKonata Izumi'
Doki Doki Literature clubKonata Izumi'
Naruto Battle - ThemeKonata Izumi'
Rockefeller streetKonata Izumi'Source:
Sailor moon openingKonata Izumi'
1000 cherry trees - Senbonzakura + Hatsune MikuKonata Izumi'
Summer's day - Spirited AwayKonata Izumi'
Gundam Wing - Rhythm EmotionKonata Izumi'
Friends themeKonata Izumi'
GOT themeKonata Izumi'
Jeopardy themeKonata Izumi'
KOTHKonata Izumi'
Kim Possible themeKonata Izumi'
Lamb chops - This is the song that never endsKonata Izumi'
Law&OrderKonata Izumi'
Magic School bus themeKonata Izumi'
My little pony themeKonata Izumi'
NCISKonata Izumi'
Reading rainbowKonata Izumi'
Rick n morty themeKonata Izumi'
Scooby DooKonata Izumi'
SimpsonsKonata Izumi'
The OfficeKonata Izumi'
TMNT themeKonata Izumi'
IlluminatiKonata Izumi'
Winnie the pooh themeKonata Izumi'
Looney tunesKonata Izumi'
FF11 Kingdom of San D'oriaKonata Izumi'Comment: Credits to---> @Rantz
Spice and wolf themeKonata Izumi'
FFVIII - Balamb GardenYukiko NiijimaSource:
Rocky theme :3Konata Izumi'
Undertale - Spider DanceYukiko NiijimaSource:
Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of CinderYukiko NiijimaSource:
Deltarune - Rude BusterYukiko NiijimaSource:
Zelda - Ballad of the Wind FishYukiko NiijimaSource: This version features the parts of the Full Moon Cello, the Conch Horn, the Lily's Bell, and the Surf Harp.
Deltarune - The World RevolvingYukiko NiijimaSource: Jevil's theme, rebuilt from the ground up in an effort to capture the energy of the song within the relatively limited capability of the perform function. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it!
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Fighting GoldYukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - MegalovaniaYukiko NiijimaSource:
Still Dre - Dr. Dre FT EminemKonata Izumi'
Eminem - Mocking BirdKonata Izumi'
Intro *Chorus" to "Lonely" by AkonKonata Izumi'
Midsummer Madness - 88 Rising (Fuck the ruuuu-uuuu--uuuules"Konata Izumi'
Nickelback - how you remind meKonata Izumi'
Nyan cat theme by Alex SKonata Izumi'
Wiz Khalifa (Fast and the furious) See you againKonata Izumi'
Taylor Swift - Shake it offKonata Izumi'
Wannabe - spice girlsKonata Izumi'
Rains of Castamere - Wind instruments versionKonata Izumi'Comment: @[Gilgamesh] Visenya Nox
The rains of Castmere - (Piano/Harp version)Konata Izumi'Comment: @[Gilgamesh] Visenya Nox
hitooshii hito no tame ni (: Fushigi yuugi )Konata Izumi'Comment: Requested by @skyeXVIII
A Bell is Tolling (Eight Ringing Bells) [Secret of Mana] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Flute 1, Flute 2, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Piano, Harp)
A Million Dreams [The Greatest Showman] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Benj Pasek and Justin PaulComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Panpipes, Clarinet, Oboe, Lute, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp)
A Whole New World [Disney Aladdin] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Alan MenkenComment: Score: (Panpipes, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Harp)
Almost There [Disney The Princess and the Frog] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Randy NewmanComment: Score: (Oboe, Flute, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp 1, Harp 2)
Ami [Final Fantasy VIII] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Harp, Lute)
Born of the Boughs [Final Fantasy XIV] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Flute, Panpipes, Oboe, Clarinet, Fiddle 1, Fiddle 2, Piano, Harp)
Bugler's Holiday (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Leroy AndersonComment: Score: (Trumpet 1 (any instrument), Trumpet 2 (any instrument), Trumpet 3 (any instrument) )
Celes' Theme [Final Fantasy VI] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Color of the Summer Sky [Secret of Mana] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Flute, Harp)
Colors of the Wind [Disney Pocahontas] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Alan MenkenComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Clarinet, Fiddle, Piano, Harp 1, Harp 2)
Father Christmas [The Kinks] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Ray DaviesComment: Score: (Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Fear of the Heavens [Secret of Mana] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Four-Sided Circle [Final Fantasy XIV] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Harp)
Frosty the Snowman (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Walter Rollins and Steve NelsonComment: Score: (Flute, Harp)
Frozen Heart [Disney Frozen] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-LopezComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe 1, Oboe, 2, Clarinet, Lute 1, Lute 2, Harp)
Greensleeves (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Traditional English FolkComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
Happy Birthday (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Patty Hill and Mildred HillComment: Score: (Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Harp)
Hedwig's Theme Variation [Harry Potter] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: John Williams (more information in video description)Comment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2, Piano 3)
How Far I'll Go [Disney Moana] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Lin-Manuel MirandaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas [Pentatonix] (SextetJedaiah SkySource: Meredith WillsonComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Piano, Harp)
Jingle Bell Rock (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Joseph Carleton Beal and James Ross BootheComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
Kidnap the Sandy Claws [Disney Nightmare Before Christmas] (OcteJedaiah SkySource: Danny ElfmanComment: Score: (Flute, Clarinet, Panpipes, Oboe, Fiddle, Piano, Harp 1, Harp 2)
Lion's Pride [World of Warcraft] (Decet)Jedaiah SkySource: Jason HayesComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Panpipes, Piano, Lute, Harp, Bass Drum, Bongos, Timpani)
Melodies of Life [Final Fantasy IX] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Clarinet, Piano, Harp)
My Eyes [Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Jed WhedonComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Lute, Piano, Harp)
My Favorite Things [The Sound of Music] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Richard RodgersComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Fiddle, Harp)
One Horse Open Sleigh (Jingle Bells) (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: James PierpontComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
Pa Paya [Final Fantasy XIV] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Masayoshi SokenComment: Score: (Clarinet, Flute, Panpipes, Oboe, Fiddle 1, Fiddle 2, Lute, Piano, Harp)
Peaceful Days [Chrono Trigger] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Yasunori MitsudaComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Piano, Harp)
Phantom and a Rose [Secret of Mana] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Panpipes, Oboe, Clarinet, Harp, Lute)
Promise (Reprise) [Silent Hill] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Akira YamaokaComment: Score: (Flute, Piano, Harp)
Proud Corazon [Disney Pixar Coco] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Germaine FrancoComment: Score: (Flute, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp)
Remember Me [Disney Pixar Coco] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-LopezComment: Score: (Panpipes, Harp)
Saria's Song [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Koji KondoComment: Score: (Flute 1, Flute 2, Panpipes, Harp 1, Harp 2)
Silent Night with Night of Silence (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Franz Xavier Gruber and Daniel KantorComment: Score: (Silent Night (any instrument), Night of Silence (any instrument) )
Sunset Waltz [Final Fantasy XV] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Yoko ShimomuraComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe)
The City that Never Sleeps [Final Fantasy IX] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2, Piano 3)
The Fates [Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hitoshi SakimotoComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Panpipes, Harp)
The Moon Shines for You (La lune brille pour toi) [Le Petit PoucJedaiah SkySource: Joe HisaishiComment: Score: (Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp)
To Zanarkand [Final Fantasy X] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2)
Touch the Sky [Disney Pixar Brave] (Decet)Jedaiah SkySource: Patrick DoyleComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Lute 1, Lute 2, Lute 3, Lute 4, Lute 5, Harp)
Under the Sea [Disney The Little Mermaid] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Alan MenkenComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Waltz for the Moon [Final Fantasy VIII] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Fiddle, Panpipes 1, Panpipes 2, Piano, Harp, Timpani)
Waltz of Chihiro [Spirited Away] (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Curry WuComment: Score: (Flute, Harp)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Duet)Jedaiah SkySource: Traditional EnglishComment: Score: (Melody (any instrument), Accompaniment (any instrument) )
What the Forest Taught Me [Secret of Mana] (Septet)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroki KikutaComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Harp)
What's This? [Disney Nightmare Before Christmas] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Danny ElfmanComment: Score: (Fife, Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe, Clarinet, Panpipes, Fiddle, Piano, Harp)
Windmill Hut (Song of Storms) [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TJedaiah SkySource: Koji KondoComment: Score: (Fife, Flute 1, Flute 2, Panpipes)
Yearnings of the Wind (600 A.D.) [Chrono Trigger] (Quartet)Jedaiah SkySource: Yasunari MitsudaComment: Score: (Fife, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet)
You're Not Alone [Final Fantasy IX] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Nobuo UematsuComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Harp)
Zelda's Lullaby [The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Koji Kondo and Mahito YokotaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Panpipes, Harp, Lute) Also thanks to @[Wanderer] CatgirlsGoneWild™ for calling out my out-of-mind-super-fail on the first arrangement of this!
Undertale - Death By GlamourYukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - BonetrousleYukiko NiijimaSource:
FFIV Boss ThemeYukiko NiijimaSource:
Myuu - Identity CrisisYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 3 - The Battle for Everyone's SoulsYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - JunesYukiko NiijimaSource:
Touhou - U.N. Owen Was Her?Yukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - Spear of JusticeYukiko NiijimaSource:
Undertale - Battle Against A True HeroYukiko NiijimaSource:
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - Person Who ConceivesGigabitseSource: This is my first time attempting something like this, so I hope you all enjoy this.
Aloha de ChocoboCecellia AuroraSource: My favourite chocobo tune from FF9. Now with added Aloha, Kupo!
Katy perry - RoarKonata Izumi'
Katy perry - Dark horseKonata Izumi'
Katy perry - I kissed a girl (And i liked it)Konata Izumi'
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Roaming the WastesGigabitseSource: I saw that @[mooserver] Scarletide Bench wanted more Xenoblade 2 tracks, so here ya go.
Naruto - Sadness and SorrowGigabitseSource: Here ya go @LunaKara @Yukii70 , and everyone else. Sounds best on flute IG.
Persona 5 - Hymn of the SoulGigabitseSource: Holy shit I love how this one came out and several others seemed to as well. Here ya go @Mon !
Timmy trumpet - freaksKonata Izumi'Comment: Have someone play Cymbal, spam F5 Key its funny (Octave 0 F for non-piano players)
Spiderman out of the miniverse (Sunflower - postmalone + swae leKonata Izumi'
Katy Perry - Hot N ColdKonata Izumi'Comment: YOU HOT N COLD BABY YES AND UR NO!!
Cheerleader - omniKonata Izumi'
Golden SaucerCecellia AuroraComment: Can play in line with the golden saucer music in-game perfectly.
Bonds of Sea and Fire [Xenogears] (Octet)Jedaiah SkySource: Yasunori MitsudaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Fiddle 1, Fiddle 2, Piano, Harp, Lute)
Days to Remember [Rurouni Kenshin] (Quintet)Jedaiah SkySource: Taro IwashiroComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Lute)
The Moon [Duck Tales] (Trio)Jedaiah SkySource: Hiroshige TonomuraComment: Score: (Clarinet, Piano, Harp) (Thanks Nick! This request was a lot of fun!)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Spirit Crucible ElpysAegeah TioSource: we always need more xenoblade
Pokemon B/W - N's FarewellAegeah TioSource:
Mime's RequiemAegeah TioSource: @Aristid
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - The Heritors of ArcadiAegeah TioSource:
Septette for the Dead Princess (Remilia Scarlet's Theme) [TouhouJedaiah SkySource: Jun'ya Ota (ZUN)Comment: Score: (Piano 1, Piano 2, Harp 1, Harp 2)
These New Spaces Are All Designed to Be Flexible [Sound Health iJedaiah SkySource: Ben FoldsComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute 1, Flute 2, Oboe, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Piano, Harp, Lute) Note: The video uses gain filters to adjust volumes. The Clarinet 2 and Piano parts might need to be do
Futari no Kimochi [Inuyasha] (Sextet)Jedaiah SkySource: Kaoru WadaComment: Score: (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Lute, Piano, Harp)
Cancer - My Chemical Romance (Solo)Az DahakaSource: (notes)Comment: Piano, Flute
Für Elise - Beethoven (Solo)Az DahakaSource: Piano
February Stars - Foo Fighters (Solo)Az DahakaSource: (Comment: Piano, Flute
Alone Together - Fall Out BoyAegeah TioSource:
Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out BoyAegeah TioSource: Edited tempo
Coldplay - Viva La VidaKonata Izumi'
Leave a light on - Tom WalkerKonata Izumi'
Old town road - Lil Nas X Ft Billy CyrusKonata Izumi'
Sweet but PsychoKonata Izumi'
WHAT IS LOVE!!! - HaddawayKonata Izumi'Comment: BABY DONT HURT ME NO MORE
Octopath Traveler - My Quiet Forest HomeAegeah TioSource:
Octopath Traveler - Primrose, the DancerAegeah TioSource:
Pokemon D/P/PT - Eterna CityAegeah TioSource:
[Miku][Luka] magnet - minatoAegeah TioSource:
[Miku] Rolling Girl - wowakaAegeah TioSource:
Amusement Park [NieR: Automata] (Nonet)Jedaiah SkySource: Keiichi OkabeComment: Score: (Panpipes, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Harp, Lute, Bass Drum, Timpani)
Octopath Traveler - Cyrus, the ScholarAegeah TioSource:
Octopath Traveler - H'aanit, the HunterAegeah TioSource:
Octopath Traveler - Alfyn, the ApothecaryAegeah TioSource:
Persona 4 - Heartbeat, HeartbreakYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - Your AffectionYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - Signs of LoveYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - Pursuing My True SelfYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 4 - HeavenYukiko NiijimaSource:
Octopath Traveler - DeterminationAegeah TioSource:
Persona 3 FES - Heartful CryYukiko NiijimaSource: My absolute favorite track from P3FES: The Answer. Used in a very special series of battles.
YELLOW - Yoh KamiyamaAegeah TioSource: @Seculer
Persona 3 Portable - Soul PhraseYukiko NiijimaSource:
Persona 3 - When the Moon Reaches for the StarsYukiko NiijimaSource:
Yiruma - Kiss The RainAegeah TioSource:
Pokemon D/P/PT - Route 209 (Day)Aegeah TioSource:
Gerudo ValleyCenaskya TokenfireSource:
O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa)Cenaskya TokenfireSource:
Pokemon D/P/PT - Pokemon League (Day)Aegeah TioSource:
Pokemon B/W - EmotionAegeah TioSource:
Stranger Things (Theme)Konata Izumi'
Universal Studio's Opening scene theme (Fanfare)Konata Izumi'
Robin Hood (Animated) Chicken whistleKonata Izumi'Comment:
Theme from Curb your EnthusiasmKonata Izumi'
Mr. Rogers - Wont you be my neighborKonata Izumi'
Ikona Pop - I DONT CARE ---- I LOVE IT!!!!Konata Izumi'
Imagine Dragons - NaturalKonata Izumi'
Phil Collins - In the air tonightKonata Izumi'
Modest Mouse - Float OnKonata Izumi'
Mr. Sandman - Cordettes (1950's vinyl)Konata Izumi'
Pony - Genuine (Theme from Magic Mike)Konata Izumi'
Ed Sheeran - Shape of youKonata Izumi'
Somebody told me (you had a girlfriend) - KillersKonata Izumi'
Stacy's mom (Has got it going on) - Bowling for soupKonata Izumi'
My chemical Romance - Welcome to the black paradeKonata Izumi'
Spongebob Jellyfish JamKonata Izumi'
Credits theme for spongebobKonata Izumi'
Lost Woods theme (Flute rendition) - ZeldaKonata Izumi'
Titania's theme (FFXIV Extreme primal 5.0)Konata Izumi'
Accumula Town - Pokemon Black and WhiteMevari NavaloComment: he walk
Introduction - Banjo KazooieMevari NavaloComment: Solo version, wind instrument recommended
Sweden - MinecraftMevari NavaloComment: Solo, harp or lute recommended
Renegade - StyxKonata Izumi'
Persona 4 Golden - Shadow WorldYukiko NiijimaSource:
Pokemon Center - PokemonMevari NavaloComment: Solo
FFVI - Kids CityKonata Izumi'
President theme (USA)Konata Izumi'
Deku PalaceKonata Izumi'Comment: this is NOT my midi, posted from Midi Requests 😃 @[Zalera] Mevari Navalo
FFVI - Terras ThemeKonata Izumi'
Vitas 7th Element chorusKonata Izumi'Comment: