Bard Music Player tool for FFXIV

Bard Music Player is an application for playing songs in FFXIV with the Bard job's Performance mode using MIDI files. Support exists for basic midi specification including holding notes, lyrics, tempo and other events. The program is provided free of charge.
※Please note this program is intended to replace bard macro player. It is completely rewritten.

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- BMP 1.01 (Latest version)
- BMP 1.0

Please read the manual if you encounter any issues.

Quick start

Download the above zip. Place the executable somewhere, and then place MIDI files in a folder next to it called "songs". Bring up performance mode in-game and toggle "Assign all notes to keyboard" on in the performance settings, and bind all of the keys (example). Start the program, load the Midi file, and you should be ready to perform.

As mentioned above, this program supersedes bard macro player. However, to keep the program code consistent, i've decided to drop support for text arrangements. Other than that, it should look familiar, and have much better support and stability for performing midi songs.

Please note that this player's purpose is to only play back MIDI files. It does not automatically adjust, fine-tune, or arrange them to work flawlessly in (the already quite limited) bard performance. The only feature that does only provides basic chord simulation. It's up to you to edit your songs to make it playable in-game.


Hey, give the manual a read. It has a tutorial.


Please don't ask me for any songs, i'm not a musical artist, just a programmer! But, do tell me about bugs you encounter in the program. Feel free to join the discord for on-going development updates and midi files made for BardMusicPlayer.

Bard Music Player (c) paru 2018 - proudly created at Ultros!
In-game name is Nare Katol, come meet me. :>

Thank you.